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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Budget surplus Versus the indigent Bolshy Hordes.

Seems CP has focused on King Ralph's reactions to the self serving collectivist braying back east focused on stealing his wealth. It always amuses me, as an Albertan, how the vulgar, envious actions and Machiavellian statism of the eastern Bolshy horde are always wrapped up in the flag...for "the good of national unity" or "the greater good" ....coded language for: "we rob and pillage your sparcely voter populated region with national socialist sanctiomy " for the greater good" of our own interests.

Well, Ralph has answered the big question...exactly whose "greater good"....and he reminds the eastern red block that "the greater good" has historically been one sided and excluded Alberta:

The situation is no different now than it was in the boom of 1980, he said. "The rest of Canada was saying the same thing then: 'Give me, give me, give me,' " the premier said Friday. "Then the price of oil went down and the rest of Canada was wringing their hands in glee saying, 'You deserved it.' " Klein noted no one came to Alberta's aid once the oil boom collapsed and many were left bankrupt after the Trudeau era's national energy program.

"They asked us to share in the good times, but they didn't offer to share during the very, very bad times," he said.

Bravo Ralph for getting this need to known history lesson out to the eastern hordes.

Then I saw this little tid bit buried in the CP release;

Klein said Alberta already sends billions of dollars to Ottawa that is distributed to the rest of the country through equalization payments. It amounts to about $2,400 for every man, woman and child in the province."They know that if Alberta's economic prosperity continues, they'll get more money through taxation," said the premier.

Hmmmmm...Ralphie's Freudian slip is this an admission that he WANTS to maintain the Status Quo inequity in Confederal equilization...that he sees it as blackmail money to keep the Feds and the Bolshy Hordes from assaulting the gates of Alberta's treasurey?

Then we see this:

Earlier this week, Klein pledged to use part of the province's unbudgeted surplus for "prosperity" cheques to Albertans. He also pledged to put two-thirds of the surplus into endowment funds and rebuilding infrastructure. Yet Klein exploded in frustration this week when Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier said the country's fastest-growing city needs more money from the province and is having to increase taxes to cover basic services.
Klein said Friday he's received $10 billion in funding requests - far more than even the most optimistic economic forecast is predicting for the current year's surplus.

Ahhhh yes there's the rub... eastern bolshy barbarians at the gates drooling for our wealth as well as their brethern within the walls of fortress Alberta. What is it about the collectivist mentality that makes them think money drips out of the sphincter of any politician who can be coersed into a fiscal bowel movement.....they genetically have this reflex to "suckle and prod" at the political orifice... they belive this action will start the money flowing. It doesn't dawn on them that money has to be EARNED as well as stolen from the people then devoured to fill the guts of the cash-pooping leviathan state.....this "revenue stream" comes from productive people who have been taxed to a point that the government has more than it uses on public projects.

Unless that democratically elected leviathan has a direct mandate to spend tax surplus on specific items...then it should be returned to the people it came from or used to spare them taxation in the next fiscal year by advancing it to the next year's budget. In the longer term allocation should be determined by citizen input.

It was Albertans that tightened their belts and put many public infrastructure projects on life support so we could eventually become debt free and actually see surpluses that don't have to be spent on debt repayments or interest servicing. ...but hey Ralphie...we didn't go through the hard times just to see surplus revenue squandered on the flakey make work projects designed by Bolshy mayors to further their political careers....we didn't go through the pain to see the squandering welfare state depleat the wind fall and still leave the province with sustainability issues....and we don't need cash locked away from public access in another flakey " trust fund" like the heritage fund; (which has never benefited Albertans but has been used as a "project" slush fund for bankrupt socialist premiers in other provinces)

If you read the linked article, Prof. Dave Taras (who fills the vacuum Ted Morton left at the U of C) has the responsible, democratic and constitutionally correct process for determining what to do with Alberta's revenue surplus.....strike a citizen's council which will allocate funds which will become "investments" in Alberta's long term sustainability after the oil boom...the most important of which is post secondarty education, skills training and economic diversification projects. This way when you allocate surplus revenues before you get by burying it in these provincial investment projects, it gets all that tempting surplus cash out of sight of the slavering pillage of visigoth collectivist hordes outside the province......their reflexive theft motivators only kick in when they see unallocated money...socialists are so Pavlovian in that respect.

This is the way to go...put the surplus into local long term sustainability investment and rebate the rest to weary tax burdened just simply don't hand large sums of surplus public cash out to braying Bolshy moonbats...the result is too's like giving cash for a house and food to a junkie.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

Hopefully Ralph will take a stand on all this, but I have my doubts. He'll probably collapse at the 11th hour. If the Mayor of Calgary can't manage his own house, what the hell is giving him more money going to do? Calgary would become a sucking socialist sewer only to become another Toronto. These bloody handouts piss me off. Why won't any of these morons lower taxes?

September 17, 2005 at 10:39 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

The reason Bronco is ragging on Ralph for money for infrastructure is he's afraid to hit Calgarians with the property tax rate hike that is needed to pay for all the spensing he's been doing. He knows the voters will make short work of him if rates are increased the 2-3 mil rates that have been bandied about as adequte from the city tax dept.

It means the average 190K$ property assessment will go from 1700 bucks a year to 2600$ a year...a whopping increase that will have most Calgarians boiling tar, plukking chicken feathers and lighting torches in preparation for the next mayoralty election.

September 17, 2005 at 12:50 PM  
Blogger Justthinkin said...

Good post an aside..i think that this "debt" free status is going to bite us in the ass in the future.let's not forget that we are not really debt free,just that the money has been "set aside" to pay it off when it comes due...but with no guarantee that it can't be raided further down the road.And lets not forget the cost of how many 100's of billions to rebuild the infrastructure that was neglected and destroyed to bring the debt "undercontrol" and pay it off.

September 17, 2005 at 11:02 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...


The immediate key to Alberta's long term survival as both an economic engine and an enclave of traditional Canadian values, is a leadership change in the PCs to either Dinning, or preferably Morton...then the new leader has to put the PC reds on the back benches while they (and you) purge the party organization of liberals and reds at the executive levels and policy tanks (as far as I'm concerned, liberal shit heads like Hancock should not be making policy....the Canada West foundation and/or Fraser institute should be the Alberta government's policy wings)...after that, you replace the reds at their riding assn. level by replacing them with a blue ( Alberta first) Tory Candidate.

If this is impossible in your riding you must mobilize to put an AA candidate in your seat in Edmonton.

The bottom line is that NO Liberal, NDP or RED Tory has any vision for Alberta's long term sustainability...they are focused on the instant gratification syndrome of spending to bribe voters to put them in power so they spend more and we end up in the endless cycle of welfare state corruption and wage slavery the other soviet provinces suffer from.

Red Tories are even more despicable than a Liberal or NDP least the Liberal and NDP candidate has the honesty to let you know up front they are disciples of the tax, spend and regulate cycles of corrupt socialist statism.....the Socialist-statist who dons a Tory label/disguise to get elected as a PC with hopes of "changing" traditional conservative policy, is a true Judas.

Over the decade the Klein Tories have been collecting more and more of these Judas goats in the caucus but particularly in the party executive and the policy making ranks ( and isn't that just like a stinking socialist pull strings from behind the curtain while not taking the risks of election or the responsibilities off office)

Albertans that want their province back have to mobilize...and the first thing to do is flood the Tory party with real Albertans and cast your ballots for other real Albertans in the party and in the candidacy field......the Alberta PCs are over due for a huge enema.
Because there are a lot of Tories there with an identity issue. I have seen what a fully liberal-socialist infiltrated PC party functions like in Ontario….and you can’t tell them apart from a Liberal government…same welfare state tax burden and socialist statist strangling regulatory regime.

Clean up the PCs or watch them destroy the province like the PCs did Ontario.

BTW: we note that Past Ontario PC Premiers and federal PC deputy PMs are in there with ex premiers from the socialist at the Powercor executive patronage table….latest Powercor advisory board members include: Bill Davis, Don Mazankowski, Bob Rea, and David Peterson. That is ample proof that there are no party differences where sell-out to patronage corruption is concerned. Better check who Ralph has been golfing with down east.

September 19, 2005 at 7:00 AM  
Anonymous MikeP said...

yeah and all the guys running for the leadership carry some liberal baggage too.(Except maybe Ted Morton) Jim Dinning remember backed Nancy Betkowski when she ran for leadership against Klein. Theres also, as you say, Hancock, Gary Mar, Ron Stevens. I think to start Bill we have to somehow get Ted Morton in as leader. At least he would weed out the Red Tories from the important portfolios.

September 19, 2005 at 6:35 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

right on Mike, I forgot Dinning went with red Nancy...but the scuttlebutt is that Dinning is the heir apparent and the coronation is under way in the party exec in building a "dinning election machine" that will steam roller his fellow leadership candidates.

The PC core will go with the leader who has the fiscal resources, elelction organizationa dn fund raising network to get the PCs elected and remove the gained liberal seats.

October 18, 2005 at 6:28 PM  

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