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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Matter Of Priorities Part II

Last installment of TRFB we had a look at the dyslexic optics Ontario Kleptocrats have concerning prorities. We looked a stark duality of prority between how the government treats its bureaucratic nobility and how it deals with the common serfdom.

As usual McGuinty's Leviathan does not disappoint and continues to provide a richness of uncivil caustic irony for this writer to fume over.

Two seemingly exclusive items left festering in the back pages of the GTA media have rather great significance when viewed from the perspective of any dreamer hoping for any return of normal morality in the governing leviathan.

First this ditty: "Members of the Ontario legislature voted overwhelmingly in favour today of giving themselves a 25 per cent pay hike. Every Liberal and Progressive Conservative member in the legislature today voted in favour of the bill. Only four New Democrats voted against it"

Ah huh, I see... only 4 philistine unionists vote against a Bizzaro is that?

Then we recall this little pellet of Leviathan faeces: "Conservative Leader John Tory said Tuesday the seven-month aboriginal standoff in the town just outside of Hamilton has cost taxpayers about $55 million -- including $30 million in policing costs, $20 million to buy the disputed land and $330,000 to pay negotiator Jane Stewart's salary. "

I guess the Tories forgot the millions in compensation they voted for ( along with the McGuinty Libranos) to pay Calidonia retailers and other property owners and the Millions in promised budgetary hush money to the County of Haldimand and the town council of Calidonia to keep mum about all the incidents of violence and property damage caused by the suspension of the rule of law in Caledonia by McGuinty's Mounties (OPP). If they admit to $55 million then you know it's closer to 60-70 million with all the other expenses burried in operational budgets providing plausable deniability in cost-linking them to this needless Caledonia dispute.

Dyslexic Optics & Bizzaro Value Systems:
So what can we pull from these two latest revelations about Leviathan's distorted civil optics and bizzaro value systems? Well, put it this way; I wonder if Dolton's hand was shaking when he grabbed the 25% pay increase he voted himself....was there even a moment of guilt for taking a reward for such dismal mismanagement of the public funds and the rule of law? Similarly the opposition should have rejected this pay increase out of principle as they have been no opposition at most cases rubberstamping or having minor technical complaints about McGuinty's wonton squandering of the public trust.

From our perspective ( the tax burdened struggling middle class) we have to wonder what euphoric drugs they are passing out in government that allows them to think that a dismal and semi criminal work record is grounds for a pay hike and not a pink slip or a jail cell.

Next installment of "Priorities" we will look at the crisis in civil optics of the McGuinty crime syndicate, as he continues to allow leviathan to deficate on the constitution, civil liberty and the charter.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A matter of Priorities

This writer has been on sabbatical for the last couple of months doing research for a political book project. In that time the more viral elements of the Leviathan state have remained quite busy undermining democracy, society, culture and morality.

They never sleep and they never disappoint.

In light of this reality this blog will take a slight change of direction and start tracking the machinations of what we consider the criminal nature of large, unaccountable, ethically challenged government/bureaucracy and its special interest clients and homogeneous corporate organs...collectively refered to here as "the Leviathan" or "Leviathan state" . Also, in the spirit of HL Mencken, we will also be commenting on the obscene contrasts between the "entitlements", actions and lifestyles of the stilted minions of the leviathan state and those they leave to the captive plebeian citzenry who must keep and feed this gluttonous diabolical travesty.

Main Entry: le·vi·a·than
Pronunciation: li-'vI-&-th&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin, from Hebrew liwyAthAn1 a often capitalized :

a : sea monster defeated by Yahweh in various scriptural accounts
b : a large sea animal2 capitalized : the political state; especially : a totalitarian state having a vast bureaucracy
3 : something large or formidable

Today's crime from Laviathan comes to me as a comparative realization revealed through 2 media; the papers and the mail.


I scanned the headlines in a number of GTA based papers today and the big buzz is about the province's private/public utility "Hydro one" and an ex executive who resigned under a cloud of disgrace from mismanagement and credid card fraud under his watch, was awarded a 3 million dollar severence package for his crimes. It's obvious that the public utility is so rife with nepotism/cronyism/partisnism and criminal breech of public trust, that it would embarass McGuinty to fight this crook in the courts to stop him from further robbing the public.

So in essence Leviathan is free spending with the money it extrots from us when one of it's own turns rogue or criminal....hush money to keep poor management and criminal breech in public service out of the public eye....the Caledonia tab of 40 million is a similar expence to bury criminal breech of trust by leviathan.


At the same time, the sound bites on the public utility $3M scandl was bleating from my radio, I was opening my Dad's mail and doing his business for him ( He's a 94, he's deaf, has Altzheimer's and lives on 3 small pensions , so I must assume power of attorney and do his business for him). I open one of the pension cheques and there is a self promoting blub from the Provincial minister of pensions crowing about how things are running so well in the Ontrario government that they can afford to give my pensioned Father a whole $3.50 cost of living increase on his pention...this added to the COL increase from the CPP gives a grand total of $7.80 COL increases in his pensions. Is the bitter unjust irony of this wasted on you?


We see the morbid priorities in how Leviathan rewards criminal actions and disasterous job perfomance amoung its own and how it rewards a life time of hard work, faithful job perfomace and a life time of following a moral compas in the citizenry...$3.3 million for corruption in Leviathan's ranks....$3.50 for the public pledge.

Nothing better illustrates the reward gap between common citizenry and moral behaviour and the deeply compromised political pandering of the political aristocracy in the Leviathan state.

Nothing better illustrates the
Bizzaro world the leviathan state has created....a world where corruption and crime in public service is rewarded with public funds and life time of faithful service to the law and the state are rewarded with crumbs, insults and broken public institutions.