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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gone Huntin'

I will be out for the last of the pheasant season the next 2 weeks .... Will post some pictures if I ever get this graphics program to work right. The Firebrand will be singeing the tail feathers of the nation's wild foul the next few weeks instead of singeing the bottoms of the elitist criminals in Ottawa. The sign has been hung on the door of the advocate office: "gone hunting"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Don't Worry About Bird Flu

Just in time for the cold and flu season we have the latest statist government scare ( avian flu) designed to whip us into a frenzie and render up more of our freedoms and revenues to pointless ( and dangerous) drug company vaccines. The fable of henny penny and the sky is falling seems apropos here....between nebulous terror threats that have taken our chater rights and hyperbolized pandemics that create enforced quarantines of whole populations we can see the globalist authoritarians gearing up for a banner year of incremental bureaucratic fascism in the free western democracies.

Let's explore some of the contrast between the globalist media spin and the realities of this flu scare:

"Economists say the bird flu sweeping through Asian poultry flocks has the potential to evolve into one of history's great human tragedies, speeding across the plant, killing many Canadians and bringing the economy almost to a halt."

"As of now, so far as we know, on Planet Earth about 60 people out of 6 billion have died of bird flu. All were involved in handling sick birds. There is, as of now, no recorded case of bird flu being transmitted from one human to another – something that is necessary before even an epidemic, much less a pandemic, could occur"

"A major outbreak would lead governments everywhere to shut down their borders, or, in effect, ground airplanes, because people would not want to travel, and that would be the end of the major trade in goods and services, at least for some period of time," Cooper said. "And, given our global supply chains, there would develop shortages in many, many goods, many products, across the world very quickly." It would be hard to maintain food supplies "even across provincial lines, let alone across international lines," she added. "

"So, before you let politicians, the media, the pharmaceutical companies and the grant hogs at the National Institutes of Health scare you with stories about being wiped out by a bird-flu pandemic, consider the following: If you are more than 50 years old, you've already lived through two pandemics of flu and probably didn't even know it. "

From my perspective as a freedom advocate and a determined enemy of the new globaist order that is turning our once free societies intopopulation controlled police states, A pandemic seems like the perfect scare to get us used to the government restricting our movements and having them poison us with mass innoculations (independent and FDA studies have found cancer agents, mercury and other dangerous virus incommercial flu vaccines). Bear in mind also that the vaccine industry is a projected $10 billion per year poorly regulated enterprise which is attracting investment from the world bank and also that the CDC has pattent franchise on the sale of many vaccines. Again, when a scare arises always look who stands to profit from your fear. Also ask yourself WHO it is that plays with the type of weapons grade virus that could get loose and cause a real pandemic.

If this flu does develop ( and that would be highly unlikely without help from science) there will be no effective vaccine anyway. want to stay healthy? ....wash your hands, take selenium and vitamin C to kick your immune system into high gear and stay away from public places with a lot of sneezing people ;-) We don't need a police enforced quarrantine and travel restrictions and other Orwellian machinations of the mega state to save us from something that can't be stopped with government fear mongering and bureaucratic militancy

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Taking a bullet for the 4th Reich

Looks like it's finally sinking through to some of the more civil western Judicial and legal minds that so called anti terror laws that suspend habias corpus, judicial warrant and expand police power may be worse cures than the disease they were meant to fight.

If Mr Blair's proposed terror legislation was unamended, said Anthony Scrivener QC, "Britain would be a significant step closer to a police state".

Lord Carlile, a deputy High Court judge, warned against the whittling away of historic civil liberties. "We have to be acute about protecting what is taken for granted as inalienable rights. In the United States the Patriot Act included a system whereby a witness to a terrorist incident can be detained for up to a year. This is in the land of the free."

"If the Prime Minister and other members of the Government continue to threaten to undermine the Human Rights Act and interfere with judicial independence we shall have to secure our basic human rights and freedoms with a written constitution,"

Sounds like a deal to me M' Lord....If the Brits see this curse of panicy statism ( which plagues the western democracies of late), to be too toxic for their unwritten civil liberies and the need for codified rights, we in Canada with our pathetic charter have no hope of stemming statist truncation of individual rights. Canada has had its charrter of rights gutted by several pieces of liberal "Panic" statute that were passed with the same scare tactics as the terrorism and gun laws....maybe we need a real written constitution as well....and a true democratic republic too, while were at it.

Martin's Firesale of Canadian Resources to China.

Question Kids:

Who has the largest civilian prisoner population on the planet?

Who also has the highest execution rate of prisoners and sells their body parts to scientific research or medical organ brokers?

And who uses this forced labor in industrial plants to undercut North American labor costs on production?

And who does every working stiff in Canada compete against for their jobs?

Well I think you know....If you answered "China" you were on the money.

Then WHY is PM Dithers so anxious to gravitate most of our trade and resources and, by default fuel an economy that will ship Canadian jobs off shore to a competitor? A labor/industrial competitor who also happens to be a militant and nuclear threat to Western culture and North American security.

Why would Dithers see China as a lesser economic and military threat to us than the US... who, incidentaly, have kept this economy afloat with theirs since the late 50s? Is he dyslexic? Throw out the greatest trade deal in history that most nations would die for to take up with the uncertainty and criminal enterpises in despotic China?

I listened to Liberace Mcallum sound bites on CTV question period today and the sales pitch was hot and heavy to get us into the Chinese markets with resouces...particularly Alberta and Newfoundland's oil. Now this presents some very daunting constitutional issues as these resources are the "sole and exclusive" jurisdiction of the what has Paulie Librano and the Moe Strong-Powercor PMO have up their plundering globalist sleeves?

No, Dithers hasn't gone "mad".....these manipulators thrive when you think they're mad or self destructive...that's when they're at their most dangerous and ready to, as always Martin is following the orders of the cartel he works for and has invested with...he is a puppet that works for the really big money in Canada and the world. That "big money" has large capital investments (along with the Powercor alumus and tri-lateral boys) in China's booming industrialization.

Now, to call these globalist thugs "capitalists" would be a misnomer...many of them creep across the public eye as socialists and big time liberals like Strong and Soros and Desmarais.....but they know the communist or fascist system is very good for business.....particularly if you are in the business of monopolies, market control and insider profiteering to cut the throat of the real free market. None of these pricks has made an honest buck like an old time industrialist or capitalist who spent high risk capital to get returns....they want no risk...they want the game rigged from the inside politically and an market exclusivity as a monopolistic cabal before they move in unison. They crave windfall profit...not resonable returns and they get off on the control and manupulation they can buy when they are the forces behind the global political intrigue.

China's economic boom dependes on 3 things primarily:

1) Start up capital from exclusive international banking interests ( the 13 families)

2) forced labor, no unions and despotic control of the labor force as well as wide open business laws that negate enviromental liability, worker liability, or corporate taxes. China has been exempted from Kyoto by the very people who invst in her coal and oil fired industrial infrastructure..and she keeps fully 1/6 of the industrial work force from prisoners who extract no wage.

3) Bought off politicians in Western nations who allow domestic companies to make goods in China at 1000% profit resale and escape tariffs.

To a globalist, China's despotism and inhuman record mean nothing.....the fact that 1/6 of the labor force is slave/prisoner labor does not bother them...the fact China is the globe's greatest polluter is moot to them...the winfall profits and political power are a siren call to the globalist monsters who finance China's growth and North America's decline.....and Martin works for one and has one in the PMO as a top advisor.

Any questions on why the PMO rush to fuel China with our resources?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Granny gets leg broken in state sanctioned kidnapping

Here is a disgusting display of police state gooning that was captured by a free lance videographer as the state has its goons not take no for an answer when a 70+ year old citizen demands her constitutional rights be respected by so called "peace officers" ( they're the ones in the military tack with the machine guns) disguising their civilian gun confiscation operation as a "manditory relocation". In reality they were disarming citizens from lists provided by BATF and state firearms registries as per instructions from the NOLA police cheif...note that at the time of this incident martial law was not declared and this lady has all her constitutional rights violated.

Probably the most startling reality in this video is not that the goons would beat up an old woman, but the fact that when the shit hits the fan, and the orders are sent, the police/military will carry out orders no matter how uncivil, unconstitutional or immoral they are...this is the nature of the police funtion in a modern mega state that indoctrinates police to feel separate and superior to those they "police" and no empathy with so called "civilians"...they have been drummed into a pseudo miltary unconciousness that allows them to justify shooting fellow Americans if the boss tells them to....the classic "us" and "them" mindset.

Now I expect some to discount this as typical of the NOLA PDs...they are mostly as corrupt and thuggish as their Cheif and mayor...I mean they were right in there looting with the rest of them ...when they finally showed up for work. I may buy this except some more credible sources identified the fact that FEMA enforcement hired private mercinaries for this operation and they gave these "security" freebooters guns and police flack jackets......just how many were cops and how many were FEMA hired goons?

The other thing I noticed is that Fox news got the clip and had Bill O'Riely white washing these police state terroist actions that shredded the constitution......frig!... blind partisan politics are a curse to rational liberty.....If Fox can portray this open rights abuse as "for her own good" they are as sick as the goons that beat that old woman and kidnapped her against her will.

For those partisans who still want to appologise for W 's seemingly easy acceptance of instituting federal marshal law domestically for something as minor as a can Thrill to the sight of NOLA's/FEMA's finest breaking this senior citizen's bones when she dare defy their totalitarian terror tactics by having the unpatriotic affrontery to demand to be left in peace.

Ladies and gents, here is a REAL scoff-law that got just what she deserved for defying the omnipotent talons of our benevolent police state....right Bill? . >:-(

Thugs like the fat mutt who decked out that senior shold take note that not all American citizens hand over their rights and property to state sanctioned terrorists as easily as this defensless old woman and sooner or later one will probably put that fat statist thug on a slab.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cultural communism defined

Just a couple of quick entries this week end then back to cleaning birds and out for a buck.

Alot of you who may have stumbled across my ramblings and read with understanding may have noticed I refer a lot to "cultural Marxism" which I loosely define to mean the central control of culture by language, literature, speech and thought....the MSM refers to it as Political correctness which is the enforcement of cultural marxism. I have never done a piece on defining cultural Marxism and the environment in which it thrives ...cultural communism.

Canada has been in the deep thralls of cultural communism for the last decade but it had it's roots in pre war Germany and then post war North American Universities. Here is a link to the best description and historic backgrounder on cultural communism that I have ever read enjoy!

Here's a few prime outtakes:

Sex is probably one of the biggest foundations of a culture. I think that’s precisely what they understood. They understood that the people who control the sexual morals of the country control the country. It was a very profound insight and it’s true. So they set about to change those settings, if you want to call it that, so they could take control of the culture.

(Bear this in mind as you recall the "class struggle" and "rights" that was made out of gender politics, recreational teen sex, homo sex and soon, multi partner sex in the collective left changing the sexual paradigm in north American culture .These were all personal moral choices elevated to a Marxist crusade for class struggle)

The effort to translate Marxism from economics into culture did not begin with the student rebellion of the 1960s. It goes back at least to the 1920s and the writings of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci.

Now if you think that the basic ideas of Cultural Communism are nuts, remember that these ideas are expressed in turgid prose indecipherable to normal people and of interest only to a small intellectual clique whose basic motivation is pure hatred of all of the historic attainments of Western civilization.

"I marched for civil rights with Dr. King in 1963—long before Hollywood found it
fashionable. But when I told an audience last year that white pride is just as valid as black pride or red pride or anyone else’s pride, they called me a racist."

"The answer? You simply disobey. Peaceably, yes. Respectfully, of course. Nonviolently, absolutely. But when told how to think or what to say or how to behave, we don’t. We disobey social protocol that stifles and stigmatizes personal freedom."