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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Martin's Firesale of Canadian Resources to China.

Question Kids:

Who has the largest civilian prisoner population on the planet?

Who also has the highest execution rate of prisoners and sells their body parts to scientific research or medical organ brokers?

And who uses this forced labor in industrial plants to undercut North American labor costs on production?

And who does every working stiff in Canada compete against for their jobs?

Well I think you know....If you answered "China" you were on the money.

Then WHY is PM Dithers so anxious to gravitate most of our trade and resources and, by default fuel an economy that will ship Canadian jobs off shore to a competitor? A labor/industrial competitor who also happens to be a militant and nuclear threat to Western culture and North American security.

Why would Dithers see China as a lesser economic and military threat to us than the US... who, incidentaly, have kept this economy afloat with theirs since the late 50s? Is he dyslexic? Throw out the greatest trade deal in history that most nations would die for to take up with the uncertainty and criminal enterpises in despotic China?

I listened to Liberace Mcallum sound bites on CTV question period today and the sales pitch was hot and heavy to get us into the Chinese markets with resouces...particularly Alberta and Newfoundland's oil. Now this presents some very daunting constitutional issues as these resources are the "sole and exclusive" jurisdiction of the what has Paulie Librano and the Moe Strong-Powercor PMO have up their plundering globalist sleeves?

No, Dithers hasn't gone "mad".....these manipulators thrive when you think they're mad or self destructive...that's when they're at their most dangerous and ready to, as always Martin is following the orders of the cartel he works for and has invested with...he is a puppet that works for the really big money in Canada and the world. That "big money" has large capital investments (along with the Powercor alumus and tri-lateral boys) in China's booming industrialization.

Now, to call these globalist thugs "capitalists" would be a misnomer...many of them creep across the public eye as socialists and big time liberals like Strong and Soros and Desmarais.....but they know the communist or fascist system is very good for business.....particularly if you are in the business of monopolies, market control and insider profiteering to cut the throat of the real free market. None of these pricks has made an honest buck like an old time industrialist or capitalist who spent high risk capital to get returns....they want no risk...they want the game rigged from the inside politically and an market exclusivity as a monopolistic cabal before they move in unison. They crave windfall profit...not resonable returns and they get off on the control and manupulation they can buy when they are the forces behind the global political intrigue.

China's economic boom dependes on 3 things primarily:

1) Start up capital from exclusive international banking interests ( the 13 families)

2) forced labor, no unions and despotic control of the labor force as well as wide open business laws that negate enviromental liability, worker liability, or corporate taxes. China has been exempted from Kyoto by the very people who invst in her coal and oil fired industrial infrastructure..and she keeps fully 1/6 of the industrial work force from prisoners who extract no wage.

3) Bought off politicians in Western nations who allow domestic companies to make goods in China at 1000% profit resale and escape tariffs.

To a globalist, China's despotism and inhuman record mean nothing.....the fact that 1/6 of the labor force is slave/prisoner labor does not bother them...the fact China is the globe's greatest polluter is moot to them...the winfall profits and political power are a siren call to the globalist monsters who finance China's growth and North America's decline.....and Martin works for one and has one in the PMO as a top advisor.

Any questions on why the PMO rush to fuel China with our resources?


Blogger Aizlynne said...

Most folks don't get it Bill. I heard a guy on Peter Warren talking about the Chinese and did some investigation. It was pretty frightening.

I think worrying about the middle east terrorists are the least of our worries. China is a much more formidable opponent, and one we lose billions of dollars to annually due to spying and using our technology.

Martin is an idiot getting into bed with the Chinese in order to promote his anti-american agenda to garner votes. But then again, he never gave a shit about Canada to begin with.

October 16, 2005 at 7:41 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Aizlynne: You are correct, most people have no idea about China's agenda. There is little space here for me to get into it except to say that it is global, it involves currency control and it will result in economic chaos in the western capitalist nations...that chaos will precipitate Chinese imperialism exerted both militarily and economically. Every penny we sent to China furthers this agenda which has been a sacred trust of Chinese political leadership since Mao.

If you want to see their business ethics look at their social ethics...16-20 million prisoners, many political prisoners, forced labor in state run industries, no respect for international patents or intellectual property laws, active slave trade, highest execution rate on earth and a commercial market for dead prisoner's body parts, totalitarian government that still runs a police state....what do you need to know about how this same regime runs its state owned business/bank/foreign policy? WHY would Canada fuel this aggressive unethical economic expansionism? No matter what you believe about China's intentions, you have to see that they are NOT like other business partners that only run by the rules of contract and take a profit for it...they are ideological enemies of both western democracy and free societies and laissez faire capitalsim. They are despotic monopolists and this is who they attract to do business with them.

You are also correct about the misdirects our government throws at us. They want us paniced about so called American Imperialism, mideast terrorists when Chinese Imerialism and international Russian crime cartels are the greatest threats to the western world's populations. This is blatent misdirect and the fact the Canadian MSM ecourages our sell out to China tells you who the corporate media work for....and it isn't the subscribers.

Martin is no "idiot"...he may act like a dithering fool but he is a puppet of powerful global interests...they pull his strings. Right now there is profit for them in China's slave labor, monopolistic industrial expansion and they are stampeding to it like crows to a carcass. They will get their puppet in the PMO to facilitate constitutional breeches for Fed sales of our resources to China then have Canadian tax payers underwrite any risk in their state investments in this nation.

It is playing out as Engles ( who wrote the communist manifesto) said: that capitalists will be hung with their own greed. China is playing this axiom to the hilt. When the crows get to the carcass they may find that it is poisoned bait.

October 17, 2005 at 7:25 AM  
Anonymous MikeP said...

Wow Bill you make it sound ominous and it is. But here in Alberta who have we to protect us but Ralph Klein who never met a federal issue he coudnt cave on. We need new leadership now, someone strong enough to stand up to the Feds. Calling Ted Morton.

October 17, 2005 at 11:00 AM  
Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Y'all know, Paul Martin is really starting to look SCARY. What else? If he's no idiot, well, Bin Laden's not a moron either, seeing as he masterminded such complicated mass murders internationally. The Chinese aren't imbeciles, and we know they're amassing WMDs, including nukes, in preparation, perhaps, for WWIII. Remember, at first, Hitler wasn't seen as much of a threat, and then he unleashed hell on earth...
One need not be an idiot to be scary or evil or whatever awful shit one may be.

What is Paul Martin? What kind of people are Liberals? Leftists?

Scary, indeed!

We regular folk are not scary. We just get labelled as such by those who themselves are. Am I correct?

October 18, 2005 at 3:29 PM  
Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm... China does indeed look like the Hitler Nazis. Both socialist, both violently opposed to folk who have entrepreneurial aptitude and who succeed and prosper via that means. Both fatally crush all opposition. The Nazis tried to take over the planet by force, killing as many as they could.

What of the Sino-Communists? Would they stop at Taiwan? Don't think they'll never make the move.

October 18, 2005 at 3:35 PM  
Anonymous Felix said...

Shouldn't it be obvious to ordinary Canadians, given a choice between Chinese imperialism and American imperialism, which would be more palatable? How does it benefit Canadians to contribute to the decline of America and the rise of totalitarian China? Even Paul Martin must see where the end-game lies here, even if his "family compact" can make short term profits in the Chinese economic expansion.

October 18, 2005 at 5:41 PM  
Blogger Justthinkin said...

The scary part is going to be when China reneges on those billions in foreign loans and tells the debtors to go f**k themselves. By then they will have all the oil,gas, and manpower to back it up, even against the U.S. China knows she can win world domination simply by exploiting that basest of human feelings,GREED. Why risk destroying yourself militarily, when you can have the fools do it to themselves for you? The Chinese are far from stupid. After all, they produced the greatest philosophers in the world and have always studied the human psychic for weaknesses to exploit. And after they get Taiwan back, Japan will be next. Chinese memories about war atrocities put any elephant to shame.

October 18, 2005 at 6:31 PM  
Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

Methinks thou overestimate the SinoCommies.

Never forget- they're communists and butchers.

Therefore, they have weaknesses. Fatal weaknesses. Evildoers have never, in recorded history, ultimately prevailed in situations wherein good men- like Churchill and today Bush- took action to defeat them.

Evil will only win if good surrenders.

That's why I am pro-Bush. He will not back down no matter what the left says or does. He knows it's up to him to save the world while he's in power in America.

Paul Martin, on the other hand, will bend over the counter for China as doing so will earn him more Chinese immigrant votes. Votes are more important to him than doing the right thing and telling communists to fuck off.

Paul Martin: making us bend over for the SinoCommies to take over.

October 19, 2005 at 3:45 PM  
Blogger Shaken said...

Bill, right on the dot with the Chinese agenda. I said to Kate at SDA many many months ago that this is really what we need pay attention to. I notice that PMPM has floated some trial balloons in the latest 'get tough with US' on softwood lumber - he tacitly threatened to divert energy to China.

The currency position China finds itself in is no different than a finger poised over a nuclear button.

It doesn't take much effort to find troubling linkages between LPC and the Chinese commies. In fact, if we were paying attention, Trudeau (excuse me) telegraphed the direction a long, long time ago with his not-so-faint praise for Mao.

Most painful of all is to watch USoA willingly putting its own head in the Chinese noose.

November 7, 2005 at 4:56 PM  

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