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Sunday, April 08, 2007

From Marxists to Transnational Progressives: A look at the left's slow, mutated journey to the New World Order

Transnational progressivism”…now there’s a jawbreaker to pronounce and a head-banger to conceptualize. First time I heard it mentioned on a political blog, I shrugged it off as just another vacant academic toss-off phrase that must’ve discharged from some nameless cloistered elite mind-farting in public. Then I came across this article by John Fonte

Fonte observes that elite institutions in western culture from the national council of churches to the UN and it's plethora of NGOs are embarked upon an active path to destroy the concept of the sovereign nation state and it's empowered individual and displace the influenece of the elected governments of these separate sovereign states with regional or global regulatory bureaucracies. He also observed that for some unknown reason all the governments in these sovereign western free nation-states seem on a self destructive course in being determined to deliver themselves up to this weakened national sovereignty and transnational governance. Fonte published his observations in the summer 2002 edition of the Hudson Institute Orbis magazine.

A profound observation by Mr. Carr. The collective dogmatic left has indeed grown up and left it;s small domestic pond and gone international in scope. Mutated from revolutionary tadpoles to mammon monopolisers and bureaucratic moguls in agenda and as such have attracted an economic and political elite to the helm of the movement. This new international leftist elite (transnational progressivist or “Tranzies”) to whom the acquisition of both power and wealth has been a generational quest, have taken up the cause of the old left and sculpted the new global left ideologies to fit their long term agendas. Gone is the economic class struggle of Marx as the new middle class tyranny of a global bureaucratic feudal elite emerges from the old revolutionary left populist crusades. But this was destined to natural off-shoot of communism becoming populist in postmodernist western culture and going global in scope.

Communism, or more accurately centralized socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden masses but of the economic elite….the natural extension of this is global socialism which the “Tranzies” promote. If one understands that socialism is NOT a share the wealth plan but a politically actuated plan to consolidate power and control a nation’s wealth, then the paradox of super rich men promoting global socialism (or transnational progressivism) becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool for wealthy power-seeking megalomaniacs.

What we have to see when viewing the machinations and ideals of the new left/”Tranzie” movement, is that two historic polar opposite philosophies have found common ground in a common control agenda. In the past, the radical left was always defined by it’s big government interventionist statism... its trend toward police state enforcement of dyslexic utopian egalitarianism…in contrast, the radical right was defined by it's big business-corporatist-monopolist economic feudalism and social darwinism...its tendency to politically empower a economic elite and form economic feudalist “baronage” among silent ruling class oligarchs…in the transnational progressivist movement there are elements of both these radical agendas in a convenient practical marriage. That ideological “marriage" has made the Tranzie movement the most formidable danger free men have faced since escaping the tyranny of the age of Kings. The danger lies in the common element glueing these global control orthodoxies is the disempowerment of the individual. The age of the comman man is at a wane....the rise of NGO regulatory pwer is the symptomatic evidence and return to the empowered idividual is the cure to keep unaccountable global autocrats at bay...the empowered individual thrives in the soveriegn constitutional-commonlaw nation state.

The coming global administration will be no respecter of your individual or civil freedoms. From the behavior of Tranzies in domestic office today we can see they are headed towards some form of racialist police state being imposed (Multicult/diversity enforcement being a machination of “Tranzie” statism). A state where the elites will encourage the supposed historically oppressed to get even with their former oppressors and provide that opportunity through the perversion of the legal and governing systems will/has emerged...a sort of defacto tyranny of minorieites supported by a white-bread ruling elite.

This is the first installment on the transnational progressivist globalism…

....coming up next we will explore this pluralist “group rights” concept of “Tranzism” being the antithesis of constitutional democracy concepts of the individual being the central political unit:

“Among the main concepts of Transnational Progressivism is the notion that the key political unit is not the individual who forms voluntary associations and works with his fellow citizens regardless of their race, sex or national origin, it is the ascriptive group – racial, ethnic or gender – into which one is born.”


Anonymous The Phantom said...

Nice analysis. Certainly explains the Liberal love of gun control, eh?

April 11, 2007 at 11:49 AM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Phantom: We will get into the social engineering agendas of the tranzie movement in a future installment on this blog.

Part of that social agenda includes civilian disarmament. In the Transi global village (or anthill society) there can be no means of effective revolt by the populations under regulation by the elite.

Much of the furure global planning of "transnationalism" would be deeply disturbing and objectionable to the armed populations of free democracies...the planners realize that unrestricted global migration ( a migrant labor force) and the destruction of north American wealth engines like industry and resources...and as capital/business also becomes migratory under the no borders world of transnationalism, it will create a dispossessed, disempowered, impoverished North American middle class, who will also not be a majority in their own country any more as ethnic migration homoginizes their society...these are seeds for revolt and the transie elite are preparing with systemic civilain disarmament, the militarization of the domestic police function and integration of the military with the police....the systemic introduction of martial law andd defacto suspension of the bill of rights under the emergency acts...and the building of many "Gulags" thoughout America which they claim are for "emergencies".

Guns in civilian hands will be gone within the decade, and this is your canary in the coal mine, when the government no longer trusts an armed population, it is because that government has an agenda which it fears will cause revolt. The historic record proves this...each systemic civilian disarmamnet preceeds a genocide.

April 15, 2007 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger Joe said...


Very impressive post indeed!

What is amazing is the continued existence of the transnational organization in the face of abundant failure rate.

The World Bank and IMF have done little but turn African client states into fiefdoms for corrupt Africans. The UN hasn't solved anything since the Suez Canal crisis over 50 years ago.

The EU, at the tender age of 50, is nothing but a protectionist, exclusive club of socialist western states [save England [kinda'!]]unable to solve their own problems like, say, the Balkan Civil War and islamic militancy.

As Dr. Edmund Phelps opines in the WSJ a few months ago [excerpted here]

The transnational EU has created a unsustainable stasis in "new Europe" based on Western capital and nanny state predilections.

Like Reagan said, "A communist id someone who read Karl Marx; a Capitalist is someone understands Karl Marx."

With young Eurpoeans decamping for North America, lets just say they are voting for the "Tranzies" with their feet!

April 15, 2007 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

wlm redux,

I finally plowed my way through the Fonte essay, taking a side trip to check out some of the neo-immigration advocates.

I suppose elites in all of the West have this propensity to consider themselves not only socially superior but, as has been well established, not constrained by any laws.

And this will be their downfall. The law may well be an ass but it is our ass.

I have read and followed on the progressive movement for a very long time but recently found some criticism on the politics of their movement vs. the reality of social reform.

They can never form a political majority hence the argument for a post democratic utopia.

Anyways, it was a great and thoughtful read. Thanks.

April 21, 2007 at 9:38 AM  
Anonymous Nosferastru said...

To late to adopt denial mechanisms Joe, the transies run the US and Europe and have a firm grip on Canada's foreign ministry and justice department.
I can't say whether Harper is scared of butting heads with them but he seems to want to go along with we speak he's signing agreements to integrate Canadian administrative bureaus/agencies with US and Mex counterparts...that constitutes a defacto expansion of foreign jurisdiction into sovereign Canadian federal administration...and it's unconstitutional ( Harper knows this) and it's being done without parliamentary oversight or an administrative function.

This is the hallmark of how Euro transies fermented the EU...without mandate or popular support....done unilaterally at top administrative levels and details hashed out in a vacuum.

The Transi Progressives are forging a North American Union and a tightly controlled anthill well as a new common currency which will be tied to an international security economic feudalism.

You can deny it but it's happening as we speak.

July 9, 2007 at 6:39 AM  
Anonymous William B. Cheney, III said...

I just completed novel "Yellow Eyes" by John Ringo and Tom Kratman, published by Bean, New York, NY, Distributed by Simon & Shuster, 2007. The Epilogue describes Transnational Progressivism and the effect of the Geneva IV, Protocol I. It describes the use of the ICC to destroy the Armies of Nations.
Bill Cheney

November 19, 2007 at 8:02 PM  
Anonymous The Mutaween are Target Practice said...

The long term technological trends of the mid to late twenty-first century do not favor the large centralized state, whether that state is Tranzie or Islamist. It is quite difficult to enforce tranzie law or sharia law if their enforcers are easy to defeat and kill.

January 6, 2008 at 10:50 PM  
Anonymous WL Mackenzie Redux said...

To the pesimists, I see you are aware of the problem....but I do not share your "the-die-is-cast" attitude about reform.

Yes this transnationalism is creating a global technocratic feudal super state....but the "plebs" the tranzi illuminati use to drive the take over mechanisms are sleep walking and essentially been conditioned into working for their own slavery.

The tranzi super state can be stopped and deconstructed but the key is public information about the true nature of statecarft in the 21st century. Tranzi and tranzi sycophants control our reality through corporate messaging like the MSM and Hollywood...they have created a reality very similar to the concept for the movie "the Matrix".

as in that movie we need a "red pill" to take the population out of their conditioned trance so they can see the ugly controllers of globalism.

I like Mutaween's viewpoint: the larger and more dictatorial the state the more resources must be spent by the controlers to maintain the political hierarchy...the harder it is to manage and maintain....the more management systems become despotic in attemps to solidify control the greater resistance you say reality does not favor the success of the mega state.

February 7, 2008 at 7:56 AM  

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