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Monday, November 14, 2005

Quote of the month

Time again for the quote of the month gig kids. I welcome your submissions. This month let's limit ourselves to words from the Canadian establishment or the plebians who suffer undr their arrogant rule. This month I'm submitting a qute from a media source which, essentially, lays bare the scam in Canadian media and exposes the reason we have suffered under the single party state:

It's not a stretch to declare that the movers and shakers in Canadian media regard themselves as part of a ruling establishment - an establishment afflicted with an Ontario-Quebec urban mindset that largely views western Canada as the "other" Canada - too quaint and too crude, too friendly to the US, too admiring of large and intimidating pickup trucks to be trusted to govern their fair and sophisticated land. Their problem with Harper has little to do with social conservativism or lack of personal charisma. It's more basic than that - the Conservative party as it now stands is populated with outsiders, "hidden agenda" is just code-speak for "they're not one of us". (Kate McMillan-SDA blogger)

The Liberal culture of entitlement has long and generous fingers. A Harper government is indeed "scary" - the prospect of being on the outside looking in frightens the bejesus out of long time journalists and media pundits who understand that with a Conservative victory, the sweet little Liberal patronage pot at the end of their career rainbow is unlikely to be claimed - or offered.? ( Tom Korski, Sun Media)


Anonymous The Fog is Clearing said...

That just about sums it up. It's all about a corrupt and self serving establishment fighting for it's survival.

If the incestuous relationship between the Canadian establishment and the Liberal Party could be broken, the Liberals would be finished. For ever.

November 16, 2005 at 2:07 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

I concur with your analysis that the eastern power elite are, indeed, a self-serving establishment which is/has run Canada for their own benefit. This has existed for years from the days of the family compact to the days when Sir John A had to coerce the eastern provinces into a political contract with monopolist-corrupted Central Canada, to the present day where Montreal and Toronto globalist/banking monopolizers conspire with the Kleptocrats they have installed in Ottawa to more thoughroughly vacuum out the pockets of Canadians and make them increasingly servile to a kleptocratic single party state.

This situation could not exist without the broad support of a self-serving media establishment (the MSM or 4th estate in central Canada consider themselves part of the 1st and 2nd estate).

The entrenched corruption in Liberal cartel Ottawa could also not exist to the depth and breadth it does without a tendered corrupting influence percolated down from the control mechanisms directly to the subsidy-reliant liberal voter.

In my estimation someone who votes for the Liberal cartel is as corrupt as the cartel and does so, as you say, for their own self serving reasons....NOT for the better good of Canada or Canadian democracy.

I can make my point by fingering the prime political directive of the Liberal cartel for the past decade. Namely; under a fluffy politically correct banner of "multiculturalism" the Liberal political cartel has co-opted an entire generation of charter section 15(2)minority immigrants into state reliance through cultural ghettoization and placing them on the Liberal cartel's economic "plantation".The "plantation" workers ( new Canadians and minorities) are beholden to the Plantation owner ( the Fed-Libs) who, literally, feed and house them.

Let me explain the workings of the Liberal "plantation" and how they harvest votes from it. First we must all admit that the Fed-Lib sacred cow of unrestrained immigration has nothing to do with humanitarian ethics or Canada's economic needs. These vampires have no ethics and particularly when it comes to immigrants or any concience where Canada's economic needs are concerned...these new Canadians are nothing but raw human cattle the Liberals manipulate and use as a feudalist power base. It is the recent immigrants and minorities who slavishly support liberals regardless of the corruption or unconstitutional governing they do or the abysmal and fractious federalism they engage in. This is because the liberals have made this demographic fully reliant on them through dozens of federal welfare programs and affirmative action goodies.... the largest of which is minority hiring quotas in federal civil service and contracting....this is the economic "plantation"....these people rely on the Liberal single party state expansion and bureaucratic redundancy...part of this is expanding federal civil service employment directed at hiring minorities...the secured voter base.

On a recent Ottawa talk show I heard the head of the federal civil service union admit that minorities comprise 69% of federal civil service workers and 81% of these immigrated to Canada within the last 10 years....he spewd these stats out with glowing lib-left policy pride little realizing he jad confirmed our suspicion that the fed civil service is being used as a minority/immigrant voter plantation.

Strangely enough later on the Michael Harris show, the question was who to vote for in the up-coming election.... I heard 3 ( out of 20) people phone in to state they would vote liberal "no matter what", in this and every election in the future...all had foreign accents and one was obviously of Jamaican origin. Harris being the curious sort did some digging with these callers and discovered that 2 worked for government and the 3rd was on a federal reeducation program for minorities only.

There is the Fed-Lib "voter plantation" in a nutshell. It as well as a coopted media are part of the corruption which is denegrating Canada's democratic systems.

November 17, 2005 at 9:01 AM  
Blogger Canadian Sentinel said...

I, too, agree with Mr. Korski. It's not too hard to see it for oneself if only one has one's eyes open and one's brain working for long enough to see unmistakable patterns comprising proof.

BTW, one of the worst examples of all is the Chretienite leftist who calls himself "Don". The other day on Waking Up on Planet X he demonstrated just what kind of a human being he is. It was jaw-dropping, the profuse hatred and cursing directed at Yours Truly. He proved himself to be no better than the worst ruffian moonbats in the violent protests involving the chucking of rocks and molotov cocktails and the screaming of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian epithets. I'm not sure if those reading his filth realized that. But it reminded me of why I'm in no way a leftist-- those folks are so patronizing, dogmatic and forceful in their hatred should one take an independent point of view.

November 18, 2005 at 3:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, except your quoting me and not Tom Korski!


February 28, 2006 at 8:03 AM  

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