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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Liberal Prime Minister's Office asks Albertans for Sexual Favors

Thought that title header would get your attention....and it should.

This opening week of the election campaign was overshadowed, IMHO, by Scott Reid’s cocktail
lounge gaffe to Don Martin who was asking him to consider the west in his press releases. He was heard by witnesses to respond; Alberta can blow me!”…this from the PM's personal spokesman…and to date, no explanation, no retraction or apology from Reid or PM Dithers or the Liberal party to any Albertans who may have taken offense to being asked for oral sex in return for common propriety from the Prime Minister’s office.

As the Calgary Sun's Paul Jackson opined, this was a Freudian slip by an Ottawa liberal's inexcusable with some lame excuse of being besotted by 2 or 3 was a fluent moment for this conniving ruling cartel turd who makes his living concealing Ottawa's ruling cabal's true also tips us off as to how the central Canadian ruling class (who control Canada's governing system and the Liberal party) really feel about Alberta and the west. Reid services their every desire and he pays lip service to their opinion which he hears daily and must obscure from public scrutiny.

In essence he expresses a widely accepted opinion of central Canada’s
ruling elite that I amounts to raw contempt for Alberta and the west.....and why shouldn't it?

For years Alberta and the west have been aware of the corrupt workings and the strangle hold eastern corporate-political cartels have on our government....they KNOW they service their own interests first then throw patronage voter crumbs to central Canada (who, in this inequitably weighted electoral system, are the only area of the nation they must appease to stay in power)...we KNOW they have robbed and pillaged the west of its jurisdictions and wealth to directly patronize the area that they need to win elections. The fiscal numbers leave the trail and it is common knowledge west of Rosedale.

The over whelming informed mass of westerners know all this....they know Ottawa knows they know we Ottawa knows it too......yet hit after contemptuous federal hit to their security, sovereignty and self respect, they simply grumble...then do nothing substantial to free themselves from this traditionally abusive least Quebec, who was used as a contemptible subservient vassal state by the central cabal for most of the first 75 years of confederation ( like Alberta is now ) had the balls to make political choices that ended the abuse.....Yet Alberta and the west have taken over 2 decades of openly hostile Fed-Lib policy and done nothing substantial which has a hope of putting the centralist Fed cartel in a negative bargaining position at the confederal table.

Yet we ( Alberta and the west) continue to court status-quo political “appeasement” options which are doomed to failure after lengthy drawn out experiments in "conciliation" or " negotiation" prove fruitless because we act from a submissive bargaining position.

Quebec has demonstrated to us there is only one way to get the self-serving feds to the bargaining table and take your complaints regain some respect from them....and that is to seek political options which have disassociation with the central government as a result of confederal negotiation impasse.

Again, at the risk of incurring the reactionary wrath of partisan Albertans....I am non-partisan on this issue....but I will support any western political organization which proves they grasp this basic reality by acknowledging the viability of the only political option which is proven to get results to our cnnfederal "second class member" dilemma….atleast use it as a last resort after reasoning fails.

Think deeply about it and ask yourself what good negotiating with a robber-baron landlord is unless you have a cudgel ( in the ability to leave him and put your undervalued wealth and loyalty on the open market) which he is certain you are capable of doing, if he becomes belligerent when your go to him to renew your tithe-lease?

Until Western political movements realize the confederal disassociation referendum option should be front and center on the board for ANY failed constitutional/confederal impasse with the corrupt Ottawa governing cabal, centralist cartel needle dicks like Reid will continue to insult you mercilessly while they steal your economic future and your sovereignty.


Blogger Aizlynne said...

You must have been hunting when I posted this on my blogs two weeks ago... they have played kissy kissy and made up already.

Don is now brownnosing Belinda S's sexcretary in order to write her biography.

December 4, 2005 at 7:23 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Please take some time and visit - It is the new web site for Albertans for Reponsible Government and is a branch of the National Citizens Coalition.
Both would be of interest to you.

Membership in each is $135.

Feel free to call me with any questions.
Katie W. Robinette

December 4, 2005 at 9:47 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Aizlynne: I realize this isn't fresh news but I used the incident to demonstrate the systemic contempt Ottawa termites have for Alberta....and to an extent they deserve it because they continue to make the mistake of electing weak leaders who are not up to the task of confronting Ottawa's aggression, bullying and hostility with viable counter measure not do anything that hurts a buly is to encorage him.....and Reid's out burst was just symbolic of the fact Ottawa has no respect for Alberta because it does not fear it politically.

A definate sign of weak political leadership, ineffective confederal policy and cowed submission to Alberta hostile federal policy.

It won't change until Albertans and their political organizations and leaders wrap their head arounf the fact that Ottawa only respects and deals with provinces who are prepared to hurt it by legally disassociating with it politically and economically.

December 5, 2005 at 6:12 AM  
Blogger Kim McKenzie said...

Ooo. Good post. If only the ones who need to hear it (Ontario Liberal supporters) could somehow have it blasted at them. It would probably take 200 or 300 times in order to crack the Liberal hypnotization but it could maybe work?

December 5, 2005 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger Debris Trail said...

Bill: Your points are accurate, especially in the context that any governement in the world will take all constitutional advantages it has to gain more power. That is why the writing of constitutions is so important. All the libs are doing is pushing confederation to it's limits. The only defense in this case is Quebec's (as you pointed out), which is to threaten or actually carry out divorce. The libs will not change one little bit, and even threats of separation will only get them to alter their position a small amount; and then only as long as there is the threat of immenant separation hanging over their heads.

Right now I've got my feet in two camps; the federal conservative one, and the western separatist one. I usually don't straddle fences, so the position is uncomfortable. Let me put it this way; Canada has one more chance; and that chance occurs in Jan. of 2006. I will never support a country that elects corruption; and I will forever be anti-Canadian if the libs are rewarded this Jan. My Canada will then have become EU-lite; where corruption and graft are the norm; and I will fight that to the day I die.

December 6, 2005 at 2:06 PM  
Blogger W.L. Mackenzie Redux said...

Debris Trail said...
"Bill: Your points are accurate, especially in the context that any governement in the world will take all constitutional advantages it has to gain more power. That is why the writing of constitutions is so important"

>> Ultimately DT, the constitution which creates a nation of free men must be defended by the people.

We are at a point in history where the governments of all free nations are expanding their size, reach and centralization at an alrming rate....centralized power always leads to corruption and dictatorships.

In the case of the US and Canada we see our governments breeching constitutional constraints almost daily...the so called anti terror acts in both nations amount to the suspension or semi suspension of the constitution and imposition of police state martial law and enforcement. Both our nations have some robed jurocrats that pretend to be the sole proprietors of our constitutiona and our rights....all of them are politicical appointees who rubberstamp government/state policy.

In this scenario no one but yourself is going to defend the charter/constitution from being corrupted by a single minded state bent on eclipsing our constitutional freedom with their statist agends.

The constitution is YOURS...not some robed harlot on the SCC or some blustering media fool or some kleptocrat's yours...and it's all that stands between you and a police you better resolve yourself to defend it because the aggressive single party state won' far as I can see, all they Havr done the past 2 decades is violate it and have their jurocrats "read in" to it expanaded state powers which will allow them to violate it ( and the individual) further.

Our anthem: "stand on guard for thee" is a call to arms for all citizens to defend the inviolable institutions of this nation...the constitution being the most important...thosw who would attack this are the enemy within our borders, a foreign enemy merely threatens our sovereignty or security but the enemy within attacks our civil freedoms and democratic/constitutional this age, where unaccountable political elites are selling out our sovereingty to an unelected globalist corporate bureaucracy, it is the enemy within who is to be the most feared.


December 8, 2005 at 7:43 AM  
Blogger JBG said...

Hi. Is this the "wlyonmackenzie" from FreeDominion and FR? If so, please write at


January 3, 2006 at 3:41 PM  

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